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Scaffold Safety

Safety Notes


Check that all components are on site, undamaged and that they are functioning correctly. 
Before erecting the tower, check that the location for the mobile access tower does not present any hazards during erecting, dismantling, moving and safe working with respect to :- panerai replica watches

Ground conditions, and must be capable of supporting the weight of the structure. Level and slope, Obstructions (ground and overhead), Wind conditions (current and potential). Check if the ground on which the mobile access tower is to be erected and moved is capable of supporting the tower.


The minimum of two competent persons are required to assemble and dismantle this mobile access tower. 

The safe working load is 275 kg (606 lbs), per platform level, uniformly distributed up to a maximum of 950 kg (2100 lbs), per tower (including self weight).

Tower must always be climbed from the inside using the built in ladder during assembly and use.

It is recommended that towers should be tied to a solid structure when left unattended.

Adjustable legs should only be used for leveling.

DO NOT use boxes or ladders or others object on the platform to gain additional height.

Never bridge between a tower and a building unless specification and approved.

Never jump onto platforms.

When possible, tie in the tower to a rigid structure when working outdoors or in exposed conditions. 

Raising and lowering components, tools, and/or materials by rope should be conducted within the tower base. 

Ensure that the safe working load of the supporting decks and the tower structure is not exceeded.

The assembled tower is a working platform and should not be used as a means of access to other structures.

Beware of horizontal forces (lateral force) when using power tools, wash jet or other tools which could generate instability.

The Maximum horizontal force (lateral force) on a freestanding tower at platform capacity is 250kg.

Mobile towers are not designed to be suspended.

Do not extend the platform height of the tower by the use of ladders, boxes or other devices.

Before each use or re-use of the mobile tower check the tower is vertical. Check with spirit level and adjust legs as need, the structure is still assembled correctly, and its complete. 

No environmental change has affected the tower; if so, correct as necessary before use.